Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Tories would WIN majority in snap election as Jeremy Corbyn flops over Brexit mess

THE TORIES would win a majority if a snap election was held tomorrow, fresh analysis has revealed.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour would lose seats and the Tories would pick them up if an election was called now, The Times showed.

Jeremy Corbyn would lose seats if an election was held tomorrowPA:Press Association

Labour wants a General Election to force the Government out but these polls show he’d be worse off and would lose 12 MPs.

The Tories would get a boost up to 321 seats, enough for a working majority, and the Lib Dems and SNP would gain four seats too.

While Brexit could still be in chaos if Tories continued to rebel against the PM, it would make the party less reliant on the DUP for their 10 MPs to help pass legislation.

Jailed MP Fiona Onasanya would lose her seat, the poll showed, and Nick Clegg’s old seat would likely go back to the Lib Dems.

Labour’s vote share would plummet from 41 per cent to 34 per cent but the...

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