Monday, 11 February 2019

Top cops fear foreign crooks wanted in Europe will be able to ‘disappear’ in UK after Brexit

FOREIGN criminals wanted in Europe for serious offences will be able to disappear in the UK after Brexit, police fear.

Cops will not have enough time to keep fugitives in custody before magistrates authorise extradition, says the police chief spearheading the EU exiting strategy.

policeCops will not have enough time to keep fugitives in custody before magistrates authorise extraditionPA:Press Association

Britain will be locked out of the European Arrest Warrant and intelligence-sharing databases if the country leaves the EU on March 29 without a deal.

Met Police deputy assistant commissioner Richard Martin, National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Exiting the EU, says: “We will go back to a slower, clunkier system.’’

He said the average length of time of six days waiting for criminal records checks on suspects from European countries would rise to the 66 days it takes for non-EU nations to respond.

Mr Martin said criminal suspects from EU states who are flagged up on Interpol red notices here after Brexit, will have to go through...

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  1. Why not use your own commentary - find your own news and stop acting as if you are something you are not - republishing with a headline is merely lazy. It's not journalism it's plagiarism

    1. It's also FAKE news - given by .gov to Newscorp to serve whatever purpose they had in mind - and you nonces couldn't even be bothered to analyse it £50 for a bet says Sillivan has never even met Dick Martin let alone changed even the wording given to him by his editor - who will have received it STET from .gov

  2. So??? we won`t notice any difference because the Home Secs for 20 years have been allowing them into Uk . Especially the dumbass we now have in No10.