Monday, 11 February 2019

Boris Johnson blasts Theresa May saying even Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit plan makes more sense – as new Cabinet war breaks out

BORIS Johnson has blasted Theresa May’s Brexit plans – saying even Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas make more sense.

The ex-Foreign Secretary sensationally claimed that the Labour boss’ plan had more “logic” as at least Britain would be “sitting around the table” on deciding future trade policy.

Boris Johnson said even Jeremy Corbyn’s plan made more sense than Theresa May’sLondon News Pictures

Mrs May’s idea would mean we would “have no say” and we would be “effectively be a colony of Brussels”, Mr Johnson said this morning.

Speaking to Radio 4’s Today programme, he said: “Jeremy Corbyn at least has the logic that the UK would somehow be sitting around the table”.

But he went on to slam the leftie boss for wanting to “frustrate Brexit” completely by keeping us in the customs union forever, something Theresa May has said won’t fly with the British public.

Last night the PM wrote to Mr Corbyn about his Brexit plans – but crucially refused to rule out working with the Opposition to get her deal over the line.

She risked a fresh Tory revolt in her own cabinet as she agreed to further talks with him over getting a Brexit deal done.

The Chief Secretary to the Secretary, Liz Truss, refused to rule out resigning over the issue.

And Brexiteers came out to slam...

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