Thursday, 8 November 2018

Brexit deal set to be done within a week, EU boss Donald Tusk claims as Theresa May flies to Brussels for talks

BRITAIN and Europe could have a Brexit deal within a week, one of the EU’s most powerful leaders said tonight.

European Council president Donald Tusk predicted the two sides needed “maybe seven days” to reach an agreement in a huge boost for Theresa May.

Donald Tusk predicted a Brexit deal within a weekEPA

It comes as the PM flies to Brussels tonight, to plead with EU bosses to give her enough time to win round her Cabinet.

After a series of phone calls earlier this week, the PM will now hold face-to-face talks with Nato members this evening.

She is then expected to gather the Cabinet on Monday or Tuesday to get their blessing for the Brexit deal.

Asked if the deal could be done in a week, Mr Tusk told Channel 4 News: “I hope so – but still we need maybe five, maybe six, maybe seven days.”

Theresa May will fly to Brussels for a Nato leaders meeting later todaySteve Back

Ireland’s PM Leo Varadkar was less upbeat, casting doubt on the suggestion that a week would be long enough.

And the EU’s Brexit envoy Michel Barnier said: “We need more time to work, we need more time.”

Mrs May pleaded with Angela Merkel and Mr Tusk to keep the chance of a deal this month alive as she admitted she still needs more time to work up a compromise plan to allow the UK to one day escape the Irish backstop that keeps us in the customs union.

She will lobby Dutch PM Mark Rutte tonight, and French president Emmanuel Macron in Paris...

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